Steamed Fish Head ~ Bukit Merah View

>> 15.4.10

Location - Blk 115,Bukit Merah View , Singapore 151115
Venue - Bukit Merah View Market and Food Centre
Stall - 福星小吃

Price - approx. S$7 (steamed fish head)
Food - 4/5
Value for money - 4/5
Service - Self Service
Ambience - 4/5

Steamed Fish Head (Cze Char)
Once upon a time, I could never imagine myself eating fish head and I also couldn't understand back then the passion some of the connoisseur have for fish. However, many years later, I then realised having tried it myself, fish head could be absolutely sumptuous if prepared right. Now, I especially adore steamed fish for its freshness and abundance collagen.

This unassuming stall to be reviewed today is a typical cze char stall just like many others in Singapore and is the corner stall facing the road. Their signature dish is purportedly, the steamed fish head. There are a variety of fish head used for this dish including red garoupa, carp etc.
Our favorite is the big head grass carp 松鱼 which is a freshwater fish. Normally, freshwater fish is acquainted with mud-taste when cooked but the owner skilfully rid off the "muddy" taste.

I think, in steaming a fish head, the timing is real important as it will determine the meat quality; i.e. its tenderness and succulence. With this stall, the fish head is indeed succulent, fresh and tender. Not to forget, near the gills and around the eyes are filled with gelatin! Yummy, as collagen is good for your complexion, I guess.
The steamed fish head is garnished with toufu, lard (optional), fried shallots and spring onions. The sauce is nothing more than just soya sauce, perhaps a dash of sesame oil and some seasonings.

One more thing worth mentioning is the price of a steamed fish head (approx S$7) is relatively cheaper than others. If you're into fish head and is around that area, its worth trying ->Reviewed by JC


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