Rochor Centre -> 联发兴广州烧腊

>> 23.2.10

Location - 1 Rochor Road, Singapore 180001
Venue - Rochor Centre, Good Time Coffee Shop
Stall - 联发兴广州烧腊

Price - S$3 and above
Food - 5/5
Value for money - 4/5
Service - Served
Ambience - 3.5/5

Comments -
Roasted Duck/ Roasted Meat/ Honey Char Siew
Simply delicious.
The top skin of the roasted meat is crispy and the meat itself is not overly dry.
The roasted duck is marinated with 当归,angelica but the angelica did not overpower the taste of the roasted duck. It only enhances the flavor of the roasted duck. So no need to worry about the angelica smell and taste as you will probably not noticed it. The skin is also crispy with the meat to be nicely done to almost perfection.
The char siew is not too fat and not too skinny. It is marinated with honey and the sweetness is again just nice. The meat is also very chewy.
The free soup is not MSG soup but specially prepared soup of the day and it's tasty.

However, parking is a problem at Rochor centre during lunch time as we waited for almost half an hour before getting into the car park at Rochor centre. But overall, it is worth the wait -> Reviewed by JC


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