Tiong Bahru Market -> 滨海南咖哩鱼头

>> 2.3.10

Location - 30, Seng Poh Road
Venue - Tiong Bahru Market
Stall - 滨海南咖哩鱼头 #02-14 (Marina South Curry Fish Head #02-14

Price - S$3 and above (Curry), $0.50 (Rice)
Food - 4/5
Value for money - 4/5
Service - Self Service
Ambience - 4/5

Comments -
Curry Chicken
The curry smell fragrant, not too spicy and is tasty. The chicken meat is relatively tender. Served hot with either bread or white rice, it is the perfect combination. The curry is neither too thick or too diluted and the coconut milk does not overwhelm the flavor.
This stall serves curry with either fish head, chicken, pork ribs, mutton or vegetables -> Reviewed by JC


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