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>> 24.3.10

Location - 1 Kadayanallur street(maxwell road), Singapore 069184
Venue - Maxwell Road Food Centre (also known as Maxwell Market)
Stall - 真真粥品 #01-59 (Zhen Zhen Porridge)

Price - S$3
Food - 5/5
Value for money - 4.5/5
Service - Self Service
Ambience - 3.5/5

Fish/Chicken Porridge
This is the famous porridge stall in Maxwell market and could be one of the best cantonese styled porridge that I've eaten so far. Note that the queue is long and be prepared to wait for at least 1/2 an hour during lunch time.
They serve fish and chicken porridge. Worth mentioning is the fish porridge as it is served with 3 different variety of fish meat; i.e. the usual fish meat, fish belly and fish head.
Don't be fool by the presentation as it does look plain with an ample mixed of ginger slices,spring onions, fried shallots, sesame oil, preserved radish (chye poh)and of course the main ingredient, fish or chicken. This stall is very generous in their fish slices but point to note is that if you order fish belly or fish head, you will have to be extra careful as there is alot of fine fish bones. It takes patience to pick out the bones from the porridge and if you are in a rush, I would suggest you go for the fish meat or chicken porridge instead. Children are not recommended to take the fish porridge due to sheer amount of fish bones.
The fish is very fresh and tender which is one of its selling point worth appraising. For cantonese styled porridge, do not expect to find any grains of rice in the porridge but instead it is laboriously boiled into a gruel which is simply delicious. Its like drinking soup yet filling, not just watery.

The raw fish slices (yu sheng) as the side dish is quite refreshing with a squeeze of lime in it and plenty of toppings.

It's highly recommended to those who loves a simple meal of cantonese styled porridge ->Reviewed by JC


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